Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 395: Tickled Like the Dickens
Sam finds a new backyard friend, 3stacks get her pocket picked, and Tyler upsets his significant other.

Battle of Dumb Titans

Jim Beam gets Tom Petty

How is this not nothing?

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 394: Rugrats Time Paradox
Becca lifeguards the cash, Tyler is a military entrenching tool, and Sam chucked a turd in a tree.

Cold IPA. Could be… cool

Heineken Scales Down and/or Branches Out

Poetry in Flow-tion. Or something.

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 392: Just Like Duh
Tyler is so fresh and so cream (team), aint no party like a Mary Cantina party cuz a Mary Cantina party is via Zoom, and Sam cancels cancel culture

Coors Inception

Boulevard Scandal

Bud not in the Bowl

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 389: Oranges and Some Batteries
Sam blows his cork explaining what malts are, Borys takes it off, and Tyler does more annoyingly noble stuff.

Craft Beer Trends

Hammergency Kits

New and Improved Law

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 388: Bazooka for Hunting
Sam lays out his New Years Goals, Mitch plays ping pong with strangers, and Tyler might get beaten up.

Seven Reasons to Cheer the Year in Beer

Sufferfest Gets Shelved

Government Decides to NOT Be Weiners

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 387: Girth Worm
Tyler identifies the ambient room smell, Sam tries his damndest to stear the ship, and Zach burn half the show describing a bad movie plot.

BrewDog doing a cool thing, those asshats

Cooking with Beer

Candy jerks

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 386: Blitzen All Night Long
Mary’s husband dances for the masses, Sam does 16 inch curls, and Tyler samples from the Weedman Winery

Untappd 2020 Favorite Styles

Minnesota Cold Gimmick

Conservationism is Good

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 385: Texture Book
Sam dunks on Primanti Brothers, 3stacks provides lifegiving sustenance live to tape, and Tyler wraps his butthole.

Online Brew Museum

Guinness does a Good Thing

Beer and Crisps (Chips)

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 384: Bested by the Swedes
Tyler discusses options for his portfolio, Lars is back and she has a house, and Sam makes a very unimpressive observation.

Bright Beer Cooler

Easter Egg

Egg Nog

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 383: The Eighth Annual Brewsday Tuesday Thanksgiving Extravaganza
Borys does some grouting in the shower, Sam rigs up a sous vide solution, and Tyler has a reviled cheesecake opinion.

Barry Sanders Takes Legal Action

Tecate not Mexican

Sheetz Doughnut Beer

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 382: Reindeer on a Plane
Sam is overcome with Christmas spirit, Tyler is Imhotep, and Zach pitches Rudy Giamatti

Reindeer Beer Delivery

Rudy’s Got a Beer