Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 416: The One Where Sam's New Computer Ate the Audio Quality
Borys is very difficult to hear, Tyler is very difficult to make out, and Sam is sorry.

Weird Beer Summit

Help Wanted Beer

Legendary Beer

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 412: The One with Baby Noises
Sam wins a bet, 3stacks loses a bet, and Tyler refuses to talk about the interesting secret.

Is Hard Seltzer Beer? Depends who You Ask.

Brewing Scholarship

Blackballing the Dickheads

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 411: Out Here Eating Tongue
Sam flips a pancake, Kathy eviscerates Molson with her commentary, and Tyler ends the show on a frickin downer.

Goose Poop Beer Finland

Stanley Cup Brew

Brewdog part 1

Brewdog part 2

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 410: Paraglidin Biden
Borys masters lawn care, Tyler shoots a cannon at the president, and Sam goes hunting for hot takes.

More free beer for vaccines

This is dumb as shit

Corona gets crowned

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 409: Boozy Safari
Mary takes to the outdoors, Tyler’s nut has a 25-foot range, and Sam tries to party with his baby.

Unsurprisingly problematic

Travel for Booze

A Less Good Idea than Sam’s

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 408: Gazoinksbo
Tyler won’t shut up about blue foods, Sam can’t explain DR erotic dance economy, and Zach isn’t the most offensive person this time.

Ethan the Dog

BHP Beer Ban

Beer Garden Ideas

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 407: Boozy Pterodactyl Meat
Sam has circled the earth 31 times and that has meaning ascribed to it, Tyler fucks a movie theater salad, and 3stacks attempts to educate the people.

Beer Ice Cream

Does Yard’s Suck?

Well, that’s settled