Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 410: Paraglidin Biden
Borys masters lawn care, Tyler shoots a cannon at the president, and Sam goes hunting for hot takes.

More free beer for vaccines

This is dumb as shit

Corona gets crowned

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 409: Boozy Safari
Mary takes to the outdoors, Tyler’s nut has a 25-foot range, and Sam tries to party with his baby.

Unsurprisingly problematic

Travel for Booze

A Less Good Idea than Sam’s

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 408: Gazoinksbo
Tyler won’t shut up about blue foods, Sam can’t explain DR erotic dance economy, and Zach isn’t the most offensive person this time.

Ethan the Dog

BHP Beer Ban

Beer Garden Ideas

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 407: Boozy Pterodactyl Meat
Sam has circled the earth 31 times and that has meaning ascribed to it, Tyler fucks a movie theater salad, and 3stacks attempts to educate the people.

Beer Ice Cream

Does Yard’s Suck?

Well, that’s settled

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 406: Death by 1000 Knives
Sam is tired of discussing the desires of his anaconda, Borys briefly mentions gardening, and Tyler treats chicken meat poorly.

That old lady be makin booze

Get outta here with that

This is nothing

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 404: HoLOLcaust
Sam continues to not buy solar panels, Tyler is a recovering phonics addict, and Zach puts on a Mortal Klinic.

Dumb, Next

Scientists Waste Time, Money

Wait, this might be cool actually

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 398: Cartoon Crushes
Zach can’t mock strangers without accidentally house shopping, Holly is now a decrepit crone, and Sam is a hero.

More shady shit from BrewDog

MolsonCoors cyber attack

Extra credit reading assignment

Brewsday Tuesday
Episode 396: Snuba Lessons
Borys has an unruly houseguest, Sam concludes the tree poop saga, and Tyler encounters the peanut butter bandit.

Insert Movie Reference Here

Damn, Oregon, chill

Power to the people